Monday, February 13, 2017

New website up at!

After squirreling away the domain for the past 6 years, I've finally had some downtime and built a website! See you over at

Also, on Kauai, I managed to read a few books (The Monstrumologist (okay), A Gathering of Shadows (couldn't put it down), The Story Grid (holy smokes!)).

This voracious reading experience was made possible by two 6+ hour Hawaiin Airlines flights, where they actually serve you complimentary food and (even adult) beverages!

It was also made possible by my new Kindle Oasis. Which is amazeballs. I vacillated between an iPad and a Kindle for several months (read 6). I finally settled on the latter. I hate reading on my iPhone (paper-girl all the way) and thought I might not like the device. I was wrong. It is amazeballs. Did I say that? I can't stop raving. The only trouble is the cover; one should not have to buy leather if one doesn't prefer it. Really, Amazon.

I found a few hours to write on the layover in Honolulu. Got in the flow and almost missed my flight to Phoenix. Best feeling ever.


Kauai overlooking the Kalalau trail along the Na Pali Coast

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