Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ah, Cheese!

Right, so I love cheese...

Not only the Tuscan Sun-dried Tomato and Goat Cheese Organic Tapenade I didn't manage to pick up at Sunday's farmers' market at St. Philips Plaza in Tucson. Woke up at 2PM. Yikes, I know.

...But also the beloved cheesy plots and dialogue that make the Sonic X series as enjoyable now as the classic Sonic cartoons were when I was ... younger. I won't tell you how old I was when I finally got rid of my Sonic plush toys. And Tails, too. Who was a girl back then when I used to hunt the Chaos Emeralds with my brother (Avatar: Sonic). Almost all my stuffed animals were girls... Weird.

Stay tuned. Bad poem about cheese follows. Written when stuffed animals ruled my closet.

And now to find our what to do with 7 yards of this red tulle, netting stuff... I promise this isn't totally random. Has to do with uber-secret gig!

And here's the terrible poem about cheese I wrote in 6th grade. All I can say is at least my obsessions have remained consistent.

The Mouse (1997)                                           [Can't possibly put my poor little child self 
                                                                     out there without commenting...]
Ah, cheese...
It smells so good to my little nose.
Sneak and snatch on little toes.
Ah, cheese...
What glorious wonders kitchen floors hold!
To me right there is what men would call gold.    [Ugh, "men." I blame it on Narnia.]
Ah, cheese...
A little nibble here; it won't hurt a bit.                  [Is that a real live 6th grade semi-colon??]
Let's hope that this snack in my stomach will fit. [Oh, the dreaded inverted rhyming line!]
Ah, cheese...
I seem to have problems getting through my door.
I'm so bloated I roll on the floor!
Ah, cheese!