Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Don't Miss -- Gearin' Up to Get an Agent Blogfest!

Yoo-hoo, writers!
Check out Deana Barnhart's Blog for the month of JULY...

There'll be critique prizes galore from agents, pubbed and 
agented writers, and other industry folk. Oh, and I'll be donating a query critique or 1st 5 page critique to the winner of Week 3. :)

So, what's this Get an Agent Blogfest business all about? It's writers putting our brains and creative muses together to help fellow aspiring writers by...

1. Answering each other's questions. Week 1--Just Had to Ask--will be devoted to posting and answering writerly questions--anything from WIPS and craft to queries and platform. You'll post the question, and participating writers-in-the-know will answer!

2. Inspiring and meeting fellow writers via Week 2's Story Chain. A valiant creative soul will start us off and from there the story will evolve as it bounces around from blog to blog.

3. Critiquing each other's queries. During Week 3's query contest, writers will post their queries on their blog for the giving and receiving of critiques. Should be a fantastic way to network and build relationships, as well as getting some awesome feedback on the dreaded query letter.

4. Critiquing each other's first 200 words--Week 4. The opening of your book will make or break your chance for an agent. For love at first sight, there's got to be at least the illusion of perfection. And hopping around the write-o-sphere offering feedback will be a great way to meet like-minded participants.

Wanna join up?
Just email Deana at deanabarnhart@gmail.com ....
OR send me a note at riverkayscott@gmail.com ....
OR tweet either of us!  Here (for Deana) or here (for me).

We'll get you signed up as one of our prize-eligible participants. And don't worry if you can only drop in for a week or two. It'll be great to have you!

Even if you can't join, please help get the word out! Donate a Tweet to the Blogfest


  1. Thanks, Lora! These are great opportunities. I'll be sure to spread the word :)