Saturday, June 11, 2011

When you take a break from writing... (Needlemouse LIVE) GEEK ALERT

...Do something CRAZY!!

(The following is a story and special thanks. Jump straight to the video.)

After leaving CGLA, I needed to get my head screwed back on for returning to the life of an aspiring writer -- writing every day, thinking, living breathing like a writer.

I took a three week vacation to visit friends and family in L.A. and Seattle. And the third week, I returned to L.A. to perform for SEGA of America's Sonic Boom event at Club Nokia on the E3 floor.

The event was amazing. A sea of blue hedgehogs and others dressed to the nines as Sonic characters ranging from classic Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Tails, and Eggman, to Cream and Cheese, Blaze, Jet, Shadow, and Chaos.

We were preforming Needlemouse: The Musical LIVE for a crowd of about 2,000 Sonic fans. It was overwhelming to take a round about the club in costume and be greeted by flashing cameras and cheers. After walking the path of gold rings back to the dressing room we shared with Crush 40 (a humbling and exciting experience), we geared up for the show. It would last about 3 minutes total and would bring to a close a trip that started in Japan for directors AJ Pinkerton (Modern Sonic) and Nathan Morse (Eggman, Shadow), as the US winners of the Needlemouse 19th Birthday Competition.

I can't say how grateful I am to the fans at Sonic Boom, to SEGA, and to Aaron Webber (better known as Ruby Eclipse), the Brand Manager for Sonic the Hedgehog Generations. Thanks for an awesome opportunity to perform the part of Amy Rose.

And special thanks to Peter Srinivasan (Tails) for securing me the part, and to Casey Dwyer (Knuckles, Classic Sonic, Eggbot) for stepping in at the last minute and bringing the show to the next level.

And here it is! A fan video of Needlemouse: The Musical LIVE!

Watch a video taken from the VIP balcony (without all the fan noise) here.
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