Monday, July 25, 2011

~ GUTGAA Blogfest ~
First Two Hundred Word Contest

A huge congratulations to the winners of the 200 Word Blogfest Contest!!

AN Villasante's Bookend won a 10 page critique from YA author Monica BW. A very worthy win!

C. Lind a.k.a. LINDY's Bound won a query & 30 page critique from literary agent Kathleen Rushall! Congratulations!


Lisa Chickos's The Mermaid Gene had such a shining opening, Ms. Rushall requested her contact info to ask for pages. Woo-hoo!

Thanks, Deana, for a romp of a month.

I'm excited to participate in a First 200 Words Contest for writers of Kid Lit with complete WIPs. Agent Kathleen Rushall of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency and agent-repped writer Monica BW will be judging this contest.

Deana's blogfest has been seriously mind-blowing for this writer recluse. I'm sending her (probably excessive) virtual hugs right now for welcoming me into a terrific writing community. You guys are amazingly supportive and I can't imagine that I wrote for such a long time without you!

~Fellow Blogfesters: Thanks, guys, for all your super-insightful comments throughout this month, and for your unending encouragement.

Last week, I didn't post my query for this book, as I felt it would be bad form, being the judge. This week, I'm thrilled to hear your thoughts on DARK METTLE.

Photo by OPTUS Electrical

YA Urban Fantasy
by Lora Rivera

First 200 Words:

Ava flattened her body against a wall, peering sideways into the vaulted living room beyond. It was gray and desolate, just like all the other rooms -- empty but for the shift of air and streak of chalky dust slowly resettling over the concrete floor.

A snake of ash-brown hair had come loose from her braid. It tickled the back of her neck and she fought the urge to scratch. Soon now. Melissa Carter was doing far better than Ava had expected or even hoped. True, she didn't think her foster sister would need ninja stealth skills as a rule. But just in case . . . Just in case Ava wasn’t there someday . . .

You can do this, Mel. She held her breath and heard nothing but a dull wind gust against loose shingles. Her muscles tightened. Then she slinked like a shadow through the stale gloom.

With roof and walls but no electricity, the abandoned house was dark even at late afternoon. She slowed near one of the far windows that was only partially boarded up by plywood. Here. Treacherously, her fingers leapt for the switchblade she usually kept in her back pocket.


Okay, y'all, have at! : ) And thank you thank you thank you for all your help.