Monday, July 4, 2011

Woo-hoo! Blogfest Begins



Week 1: "I just had to ask..."
     My question is about process. I know we all have different processes, but I've heard most people go with "Write Every Day" (at the same time every day, for some). Anybody out there like me? I try to write as much as possible, which can be a little every day, a lot every two days, loads once a week.... But when I force myself to write every day, I usually end up doing massive deletes.
    So... a) what's your writing process, and b) does writing work for you when forced?

 Happy 4th to those of you nomzing hot dogs and hamburgers
and exploding sparkly things!

Img from Ask Maldives
In writer news, if you haven't heard about Deana Barnhart's Blogfest, you should definitely head over. Think a bunch of writer/bloggers joining hands to give each other the tools for success.

Week one is "I just had to ask!" We'll be collecting any 'ole crazy questions we have about writing and the business of writing, posting them on our blogs, and hopefully rocketing around to other signed-up blogs to answer questions.

So, anybody with a burning question? Join in the fun!
I signed up today. It's not too late for you! :)