Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sometimes Stories

Sometimes Stories

are an awful lot
like stained glass windows 

that have been stared at by
a dozen pair of eyes
or more,

 that worn by wind and weather, time,
 mis-memory too,
 merely pieced together lie
 un-storied on the floor

and as it’s hard for sand to turn to glass
 so glass
puts up a sharp-edged fight

against a pair of hands
 come gently sweeping,

all edges turned
 once more
 to catch the light.


I wrote this as a Life Book epigraph. I'd had a particularly tough time sussing out the truth for this narrative. Finally, I settled on telling all the versions available. Sometimes letting the light shine in is itself enough.

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  1. "un-storied on the floor" might be one of my favorite lines, ever. love this dear lora! these kids & your org are all pretty fucking lucky to have you writing these lifebooks.

  2. Well done, my dear. And thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog!