Sunday, July 8, 2012

Two Super-Useful Editing Tools

This is the realm of hand-edits, pencil and pen.

I hope this post will offer you two new tools for giving swift and effective feedback

Tool 1: Renumbering

Something's off about the logic or flow of a sentence, paragraph or scene. You don't know what. It may not need a full re-write. It may just need renumbering. I'll offer an example at the sentence level.

Sentence Level:

Original sentence: She removed her jacket and beanie, scrubbing at the itch of dried scalp sweat, and approached the register.
My CP's note in the margin read: "Blocking: Where's her sketch pad now? The clerk comments on it later...")

Reordered sentence:
She approached the register, putting her sketch pad on the counter, removed her jacket and beanie, and scrubbed at the itch of dried scalp sweat underneath. 

How awesome is this tool? 

The fact that you can use it at multiple levels makes it super-handy. I've once had a renumbered scene that went from 1 to 20 and included paragraph renumberings of A, B, and C. Try it! I bet you'll love it. 

Tool 2: Hearts (or "showing the love")

This tool is for stuff that gives you goosebumps, or makes you LOL, or makes you sigh, etc. It's an easy and enjoyable way to give honest, positive feedback.

It's kinda self-explanatory.

Show the LOVE! It's easy!  =D


Side note, my poor car got squashed yesterday... Disaster seems to be in the stars...