Sunday, August 7, 2011

~ Ambition ~
The Death Knell of a Manuscript?
Of the Writer?


After 2 long brainstorming sessions with trusted early draft readers, I think I know which scenes to cut. If you can imagine, I was juggling 4 different worlds and had accidentally introduced a 5th! Eek. Run. Fast. I'm definitely cutting the recent addition. And I'm cutting the 4th world, a veritable darling.
And I think I know where I'm going from here.... loosely. 

My WIP is getting out of control. Too big, word-count wise. Too thick, theme-wise. Too soupy, character-wise. Too complicated, plot-wise. I'm a pantser, true, so I'm trying not to let it get to me. I'm trying to "just keep writing" until the draft is done.

From One Woman Marketing

I know there'll be massive editing in the future, and I'm okay with that, relishing the thought, really. But I wonder if I shouldn't go kill a few plot threads now while I still have the chance. Before the monster fish pulls my boat under and me with it.

In critique group last week, one of the gals piped up with the dreaded word "ambitious" to describe this project. That's the word polite reviewers use to talk about a book that's bitten off too much in one go, that fails at its (usually multiple and praiseworthy, utterly impossible) attempts. "My, but this book is ambitious!" she'll exclaim before slaughtering the epic tome with is Tolstoy-esque cast of characters and plotlines.

Eek! Run, run, run. Mercy kill.

But part of me doesn't give a damn about word count or manageability (or marketability) and simply wants to see my MC through this hairy mess. But . . .

Any sympathetic or empathetic readers out there? Writers, what do you do when you're 50K words in and realize that OMG it's either me or the book? That the hook is stuck somewhere deep down -- darned thing swallowed it -- and I might just have to let go of the pole?