Saturday, August 13, 2011

A little calendar fun

Hello blogfellows (which associates weirdly with bedfellows -- won't be using this greeting again)!

My hubby is an aspiring photographer (see his work at Cat Photography) and has taken up the *‎*12 Months in 12 Weeks** challenge to engender creativity and hone his skills.

How am I involved? I herd cats into photogenic poses and help with lighting....

How can you help? VOTE on your favorite photo by "Liking" it on Facebook. The photo links will send you to his FB page. Or leave your fav vote here on my blog. At the end of the challenge, the photos with the most votes will become 3Cat's 2012 calendar!

January ~ Day 1 by 3Cat Photography

January ~ Day 2 by 3Cat Photography

January ~ Day 3 by 3Cat Photography

January ~ Day 4 by 3Cat Photography

January ~ Day 5 by 3Cat Photography

Thank you thank you thank you for your help!
And I hope you enjoyed the photos.

Each weekday for the next 12 weeks, he'll take and post a new photo.
Each week will feature a new theme, corresponding to the months of the year.
At the end of each week, the photo with the most comments, likes, +1s, etc. will be chosen for 3Cat’s 2012 calendar.