Saturday, September 10, 2011

The 7X7 Link Award

Oooo, it's all sparkly and colorful!
From the lovely Nancy S. Thompson. Thank you!
You should go visit her.

Blog awards are sometimes a bit wanting in bang for buck, but I like this one. It homes in on a blogger's best posts, in her own opinion, of course. The nice thing here is that readers can easily navigate to important posts without the hassle of searches. The award requires that I list posts categorically. Hope you enjoy!!

Most Beautiful:
"Thoughts on the Eve"
A Christmastime car ride up the west coast.

Most Helpful:
"A Query Checklist"
See if your query conforms to the basic-basics.

A slew of tools for getting your writing mojo on.

Most Controversial:
On the evolution of language and literature in this age.

Most Surprisingly Successful:
    "GUTGAA Blogfest - First 200 Words Contest"
Didn't really imagine so many amazing blogfesters would be hopping over
 to help me perfect those first 200 words of Dark Mettle.

Most Underrated:
    "A Dangerous Cocktail"
Kind of a rant on the idea of love...

Most Pride-worthy:
    "Starfall 1st Draft Complete: The Writerly Rush"
First time really cracking down and finishing a WIP.

*Clears throat*
And now I hereby bestow this award upon the under-mentioned (mostly b/c they're great friends & I'd love to see their posts).

1. Kara  at Playing Beethoven
2. Jaye at Hanging on to Wonder
3. Unikorna at Why I Wake Up Every Day
4. Jen at Unedited
5. Angelina at YAScribe

Hope y'all play along!! xoxo