Sunday, January 29, 2012

One Book to Rule Them All

Last night, the world ended.

In my dream, the few of us remaining would be Noah's Arking it on a starship, destination: unknown.

I was allowed to bring one book. And if I didn't choose fast enough, they'd leave me behind.

How in the hell was I supposed to choose???

This wasn't a standard desert island scenario. We were trying to preserve not only our own species and any others we could herd along with us, two-by-two, but also the world as we'd known it before it ended. Which "mirror for reality" would do? Which would speak to the enormity of what had been?

I woke up, hands outstretched and hovering above me, as if my fingers were still fumbling at the bookshelf.

Which book would you choose?

...After talking with writer friend Kai Sunday morning, we decided this scenario requires teamwork. We'd each pick different books so the Ark would have something of a library. Whew. Now I think I can choose: I'd pick Orson Scott Card's Xenocide

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