Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Twitter Dialogue Blog Hop

Juliana's hosting the Twitter Dialogue Blog Hop this week.
It sounded like too much fun to miss.

The requirements:

1. Write a scene using only dialogue...
2. The dialogue must be Twitter style (140 characters).

A great exercise in word economy, so here's mine! A scene (sort of) out of my ghost story WIP.

1. Start with a theme: A seemingly tidy case behind them, Emily and Tad are en route (by car) to report.
2. Add characters: @RangerEm (girl) @BeaslySight (guy) @Garrett (girl)
3. And have fun!

@RangerEm: Cling much? I might have super strength, but I still bruise. Jeez.
@BeaslySight: Can we not do this again?
@RangerEm: Don't tell me you didn't love picking that lock.
@BeaslySight: We should've told @Garrett. She could've--
@RangerEm: Renting the dive gear would've been a waste of money. Tonight was a no-show anyway.
@BeaslySight: Actually not so much.
@RangerEm: What'd you mean?
@BeaslySight: I think the Vagari was there the whole time. Watching you.
@RangerEm: Yeah, right. I would've felt it. Rangers aren't totally blind. Just cause you're my Sight, doesn't mean...
@BeaslySight: Em, listen. *I* couldn't See you. About six feet underwater, and you could've been dead. And I was stuck up there on the pier.
@RangerEm: ...
@BeaslySight: I couldn't *See* you, Emily.
@RangerEm: ...You never use my name.
@BeaslySight: I think someone put a glamour on him--on me. I think the Vagari was there.
@RangerEm: Then why didn't it kill me...? I was drifting. Oh God, Tad. I was drifting!
@BeaslySight: Like a baby in her fucking bathwater.
@RangerEm: Um, mixed metaphors much? ... But seriously, why didn't it--
@BeaslySight: possess you? eat you for a midnight snack? ... Maybe it needs you alive.
@RangerEm: Oookay *shiver* Off the record, I like it better when your eyes are green. Icy blue is just *shiver*
@BeaslySight: And how would you go kicking Vagari ass without me, SkitSkat?
@RangerEm: (So Emily "Em" Mars was M&M for a while, until Tad discovered my more rainbow fruity weakness. Thus, Skittles.)
@BeaslySight: Green's the color of the blind.
@RangerEm: *whispers* Maybe your eyes should stay green then. This is getting too dangerous. Tad--
@BeaslySight: We're in this together, Skittles.You missed the driveway. *crunch*
@RangerEm: Crap. @Garrett loved that gardenia.
@BeaslySight: Squoosh. *grins*
@RangerEm: Rub it in, jeez. Come on. Let's go report. And Tad...
@BeaslySight: What's up?
@RangerEm: ... Nothing.