Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Twitter Dialogue Blog Hop

Juliana's hosting the Twitter Dialogue Blog Hop this week.
It sounded like too much fun to miss.

The requirements:

1. Write a scene using only dialogue...
2. The dialogue must be Twitter style (140 characters).

A great exercise in word economy, so here's mine! A scene (sort of) out of my ghost story WIP.

1. Start with a theme: A seemingly tidy case behind them, Emily and Tad are en route (by car) to report.
2. Add characters: @RangerEm (girl) @BeaslySight (guy) @Garrett (girl)
3. And have fun!

@RangerEm: Cling much? I might have super strength, but I still bruise. Jeez.
@BeaslySight: Can we not do this again?
@RangerEm: Don't tell me you didn't love picking that lock.
@BeaslySight: We should've told @Garrett. She could've--
@RangerEm: Renting the dive gear would've been a waste of money. Tonight was a no-show anyway.
@BeaslySight: Actually not so much.
@RangerEm: What'd you mean?
@BeaslySight: I think the Vagari was there the whole time. Watching you.
@RangerEm: Yeah, right. I would've felt it. Rangers aren't totally blind. Just cause you're my Sight, doesn't mean...
@BeaslySight: Em, listen. *I* couldn't See you. About six feet underwater, and you could've been dead. And I was stuck up there on the pier.
@RangerEm: ...
@BeaslySight: I couldn't *See* you, Emily.
@RangerEm: ...You never use my name.
@BeaslySight: I think someone put a glamour on him--on me. I think the Vagari was there.
@RangerEm: Then why didn't it kill me...? I was drifting. Oh God, Tad. I was drifting!
@BeaslySight: Like a baby in her fucking bathwater.
@RangerEm: Um, mixed metaphors much? ... But seriously, why didn't it--
@BeaslySight: possess you? eat you for a midnight snack? ... Maybe it needs you alive.
@RangerEm: Oookay *shiver* Off the record, I like it better when your eyes are green. Icy blue is just *shiver*
@BeaslySight: And how would you go kicking Vagari ass without me, SkitSkat?
@RangerEm: (So Emily "Em" Mars was M&M for a while, until Tad discovered my more rainbow fruity weakness. Thus, Skittles.)
@BeaslySight: Green's the color of the blind.
@RangerEm: *whispers* Maybe your eyes should stay green then. This is getting too dangerous. Tad--
@BeaslySight: We're in this together, Skittles.You missed the driveway. *crunch*
@RangerEm: Crap. @Garrett loved that gardenia.
@BeaslySight: Squoosh. *grins*
@RangerEm: Rub it in, jeez. Come on. Let's go report. And Tad...
@BeaslySight: What's up?
@RangerEm: ... Nothing.


  1. I love how you started with "Cling much"! I say that in real life too. Except if someone just tripped I'd say "walk much?" or if they dribbled water from their chin I'll say "drink much?" Trust me, I do it all the time! :)

    Now I'm rambling! Great dialogue throughout! ;)

  2. I love how you've managed to make the whole situation is clear without anything but the dialogue. Makes you wonder how much of that other stuff we really need in our work after all.

  3. Lora, super job with this! It's not as easy as it seems, is it?? Not only was this challenge entertaining, it was a lesson!!

  4. You managed to show so many actions and details just with the dialogue! It's interesting how there was back story in there, but it definitely didn't feel like it. I feel as if I've just learned something, lol.

  5. It is so very hard to convey a whole scene with only dialogue, but you carried it off with humor yet. Great job.

    Sadly, the ghost of William Faulkner had dibs on my blog today for Alex's insecure writers support blog hop. You just got a new follower : me! LOL. Roland

  6. Oh, I love how there's a story in there. Makes me curious about what they're talking about!

  7. wow I am astonished how versatile you can be. I have been picking my brains for over 5 days now, trying to pull an idea out of my behind for a fantasy story and I cannot seem to decide between dozens of possibilities. How does one good writer decide? Or better yet, does a good writer ever decide? :)

  8. Hey, this sounds very familiar:) I love it as I've already told you. I can't wait until you finish this one. Pick me to beta please!

    Also, I was telling my mom about your other manuscript the other day. I liked your first 50 that much:)

  9. Guys, thank you for the encouragement! Getting everything out in 140 chars or less was pretty hard, but I have to admit, getting my brain around this WIP is a nightmare.

    Unikorna: I know exactly what you're talking about, re: possibilities. I've been having long interviews with my main character (and my brainstorming sweetheart brother), trying to decide where the story needs to go. Still haven't decided.

    Roland! Nice to meet you. Will hop on over to your blog.

    Deana: Of COURSE! I'd certainly love for you to beta it... about 4 mos from now, lol, when it actually exists :) Thx for your encouragement.

    Juliana, BRILL idea. Thanks for this bloghop op.

    So many new awesome writer friends!